Call for Applications for Local Experts supporting Ukrainian Roma

Supporting Ukrainian Roma impacted by war in the Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary:

Call for Applications for Local Experts

ERGO Network is contracting local experts to draft a monitoring report on the situation of Ukrainian Roma refugees in the Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Each expert will draft a monitoring report for the country of assignment. Besides, local experts will support ERGO Network in advocacy efforts to address the antigypsyism the Ukrainian Roma refugees face by monitoring the experiences of Ukrainian Roma refugees on the ground.

ERGO Network

ERGO Network ( brings together around 30 members from across Europe and supports organisations with a common perspective on Roma grassroots empowerment and equal citizenship to challenge stereotypes and combat stigmatization. We mobilize and connect organisations and individuals that share and express our values – active citizenship, shared responsibility, and passion – to strengthen and empower Roma civil society involvement in decision-making at local, national, and European levels and to address existing shortcomings of policies targeted at Roma.

Context and objectives for the project

The approximately 400,000 Roma living in Ukraine have faced antigypsyism for centuries, manifested for example in statelessness, extreme poverty and hate crimes. Today, Roma refugees and IDPs experience differentiated, sub-standard treatment in the Ukrainian humanitarian response inside Ukraine and in all countries receiving refugees. Besides antigypsyism in the provision of aid, the Roma are also neither involved nor receives special consideration in the development of programmes for refugees and IDPs and the planning of post-war programmes in Ukraine.

For the estimated 100,000 Ukrainian Roma who have fled the country (with the majority in need located in Moldova and the Czech Republic). Roma civil society organisations are currently their main – and often only – point of support. Both state services and mainstream humanitarian NGOs largely ignore the Roma or treat them differently.

With this project, we aim to:

  • Support the work of national and local Roma CSOs in countries receiving refugees in improving access to quality services for Roma refugees;
  • Advocate for equal access to timely and quality services for Ukrainian Roma refugees on national and European level, based on evidence from the ground;
  • Raise awareness of antigypsyism faced by Ukrainian Roma and contribute to changing the narrative about Roma.

Role of the local monitoring expert

We are looking for local experts with experience in the context of monitoring the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian Roma refugees takes place – the Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

Specifically, each expert is expected the following:

  • Develop and write the monitoring report on the situation of Ukrainian Roma refugees for the country they are assigned to work based on a common methodology.
  • Conduct interviews and focus groups, with a special focus on vulnerable sub-groups of Roma refugees
  • Collect and analyse data on the existing situation regarding Ukrainian Roma refugees as a part of the work on drafting the report
  • The Report shall provide relevant data to ERGO Network on Ukrainian Roma refugees, including a detailed scope of work and target locations produced (i.e. number of Ukrainian Roma refugees in certain regions, or the number of Ukrainian Roma refugees in certain reception centres).
  • Develop recommendations on possible sustainable solutions to be part of the legal framework in this area and in the specific country produced as a part of the Report

Please see the full call and the conditions HERE

Profile of the expert:

  • Sound background in the field of Roma inclusion in countries of assignment
  • Experience in conducting monitoring and research within the topic of this Call for Application
  • Experience in drafting monitoring and research reports in the field of Roma inclusion


  • This Call for Applications will be open from 15 until 30 November 2022. The deadline for submission of applications is 30 November 2022, 12.00 (CET).
  • Anticipated starting date of the local expert engagement is the 15 of December 2022, while the anticipated contract term is from the 15 of December 2022 to the 25th of February 2023.

Contract and budget:

  • Expert shall be paid 2000 EUR expert costs per the report in each country all taxes and VAT included.
  • The total number of days for the assignment is 10.

Application procedure:

Those who wish to apply to this Call for Applications should submit the following documents:

  • CV, highlighting background and expertise regarding research on Roma and with particular focus on Roma population vulnerable sub-groups
  • Document/statement explaining why this topic is interesting and relevant, and how it can improve the lives of Ukrainian Roma refugees in a particular country encompassed by this project
  • Brief description of the methods and tools to be used to carry out the monitoring of delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian Roma refugees

We will select the experts for each country defined by the project in which monitoring of the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian Roma refugees should take place. The selection of the experts will be performed according to the “Value for money” principle.

Please submit your application to by the 30th of November 2022, 12.00 (CET).

For further questions, please contact

Call for Applications for Local Experts supporting Ukrainian Roma – ERGO Network

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