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European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network

ERGO Network mobilizes and connects grassroots, national and international organisations and individuals who share a set of core values to create the courage, capacity and  opportunities to combat antigypsyism and Roma poverty; strengthen Roma civil society participation in decision-making at grassroots, national and European level and commit governments and European institutions to effective social inclusion and anti-discrimination policies, standards and funds for Roma.



Research report: Roma access to healthcare and long-term care

ERGO Network Annual Policy Conference 2022

Call for Applications for Local Experts supporting Ukrainian Roma

Council Recommendation on Minimum Income – What’s in it for Europe’s Roma?

We announce the money raise to prepare dinners for the needy - refugees, Roma, people with disabilities, etc.

Fundraising link:

Roma and Sinti communities are Europe's largest and most disadvantaged minority, according to @ERGO_Network report. To tackle the problem, Roma and Sinti need to be incorporated into the decision-making process. DW's @GildaHorvath reports.

"Imagine a kid who was evicted from their home already several times by the age of 5," said @TikuHasantari.

"How should this person ever build trust in the system or contribute to it later?"

Read more in this article by @dwnews

"Roma [...] continue to lag behind the rest of the population as regards access to health care and long-term care for elderly people"

Have you missed out Annual Policy Conference last week? Catch up with this detailed article on it from @BrusselsTimes:

Research Report on Roma access to healthcare and long-term care -

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ERGO Network – European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network

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